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Part of the hub's purpose is to follow innovations wherever they take us.

That's why we're asking: what would you like the theme of the next Aging2.0 Newcastle meet up to be?

Your response can be inspired by anything – something in the news, a new technological advance or a method you're using or developing yourself. You might not have a theme in mind but instead know of a speaker that you would like to see at the events.

We will try to take everyone’s suggestions into consideration and you further on what you would like to see discussed on the day.

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IoT sensors in homes collect data about activities of daily living (ADL).  With machine learning or artificial intelligence, patterns can be detected and alerts given without any direct input from the person living in the property.  - What options are available? - How can the technology be main-streamed by Health and Social Care commissioners? - How can the data collected be merged with other data sources? Don't forget the ethical concerns. 

Leonard Anderson
by Leonard Anderson
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Leonard Anderson
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In recent times, older employees feel at a disadvantage, especially when applying for new jobs. I'd like to suggest an event that focuses on this increasing problem.  

Marie Peach
by Marie Peach (Admin)
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Marie Peach
Marie Peach (Admin)