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Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund - November 21st 2018


Welcome to the exclusive Pre-Event Forum for the next Aging2.0 Newcastle Chapter event (21st November).
For this event we are doing things a little differently because we are involving you from the get-go!

What’s this forum all about?
In the run up to November 21, we invite attendees to post in this space, and to begin the discussion right away. This is your opportunity to connect, discuss and raise your questions and ideas that will feed into the content on the day.

About the event
The exciting theme for this next event is the UK government’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF). As part of the ISCF, the government will launch a Healthy Ageing competition, with a £98 million fund available for collaborative projects.
Businesses, small and large will play a vital role in developing projects for competition. We can’t wait to discuss this topic with you all on the 21st (sign up for the event here).

Keynote Speaker & Open Call for questions
We are delighted to announce keynote speaker will be Prof. Mike Catt, Director of the National Innovation Centre for Ageing (NICA).
Mike’s talk will centre on the work that NICA is doing for the ISCF that aims to place the north at the heart of the activity.
Mike would love to hear your questions and requests before the event.

Click ‘POST’ if you’d like to:
• Ask Mike a question - to be answered by Mike at the end of his talk on 21st
• Suggest a topic you would like Mike to focus on during his speech
• Request further information

We look forward to seeing you on November 21 to discuss the The Healthy Ageing competition. Why not introduce yourself here first so that we can build our network!

Click ‘More’ to find out more about Prof. Mike Catt and the competition.

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I'm really keen to hear about the opportunities that are available and what kind of projects the National Innovation Centre for Ageing. 

Meera Vijay
by Meera Vijay (Admin)
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Meera Vijay
Meera Vijay (Admin)
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Hello, I understand that Healthy Ageing is one of four themes for the Industrial Strategy, the other 3 being: Clean Growth AI and Data Future of Mobility. There are a lot of cross over between these themes and some very interesting links with ageing. It would be great if Mike can touch on this and whether there will be value in developing cross-theme consortia.

Jessica Dawes
by Jessica Dawes (Admin)
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Jessica Dawes
Jessica Dawes (Admin)