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Hello, I understand that Healthy Ageing is one of four themes for the Industrial Strategy, the other 3 being: Clean Growth AI and Data Future of Mobility. There are a lot of cross over between these themes and some very interesting links with ageing. It would be great if Mike can touch on this and whether there will be value in developing cross-theme consortia.

Jessica Dawes
by Jessica Dawes (Admin)
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Jessica Dawes
Jessica Dawes (Admin)

Jessica Dawes

Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

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Bio I am a Senior Innovation Associate at the National Innovation Centre for Ageing. My work involves engaging businesses, who have age-relevant strategies, products or services, with academia and providing them with a route to insights and expertise. This engagement will facilitate the delivery of products and services for the ageing population, which will provide commercial benefit and social good. Despite holding an MSc in Psychology, my background lies in business. Before joining NICA, I worked as an Advertising Manager within the publishing industry. With an entrepreneurial outlook, I built strong relationships with both local and national businesses; producing tailored marketing proposals and seeking effective solutions which would contribute towards driving commercial success. I have experience coaching and developing staff; producing training workshops and personal development plans. I have over ten years of experience working with older adults. During this time I have developed some insight into the wants and needs of an ageing population. I am committed to, and passionate about, making a positive contribution towards facilitating the translation of science and technology into actionable opportunities and tangible design solutions for healthy ageing.

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