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Julie Patterson

Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Joined this community on Feb 7, 2019

Bio You’ll know that most businesses have a desire to grow. You’ll also appreciate that most businesses seek to stand out amongst their competition. It’s with this in mind you’ll see the benefit of working with an organisation like Octo who help clients achieve those aims. We do this by delving, questioning, listening, challenging and then using our vast experience to connect you with our specialist innovation, product and industrial design team, to help you achieve your own specific goals. As your first point of contact at Octo, I have extensive experience and a proven track record in establishing and running my own business, increasing company turnover and profitability, business to business sales, accounting, administration, marketing, and general management. I am an accomplished hands-on business development professional, an optimist, serial networker and life enthusiast.

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Octo Design Ltd

Job Title
Business Development Manager


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